Investor Protection

Investor Protection

In general it is considered that investment is a matter of personal choice and others may not meddle in to this even if one is found cheated, duped or has been a victim of fraud.

The rules and acts in India have a provision for Investor protection and also strict provisions of punishment made for the persons or the companies responsible of such misguidance to the investors, which take shape of a fraud.

There are many cases where investors are very poor and had invested their hard earned income considering better future gains to be used for betterment of their children. The investment was made considering use of money for children’s education, marriage or settlement with a stable business.

These poor and duped investors are clueless and direction less as to when the money invested will be returned. In certain cases, even a long wait has become futile.

Janshakti Foundation Charitable public Trust is already helping such poor investors by giving them proper guidance, arranging meetings and gatherings and taking necessary legal steps which otherwise any individual investor or a small group cannot do on their own.

The Trust is backing all such investors. All duped and poor investors are requested to come forward and join their hands with the Trust for better and faster action towards refund of their investments.

Help turn tears to smile !!!