Environment Protection including Green Technologies

Environment Protection including Green Technologies

Pollution is the biggest issue faced by the world in general and developing countries in particular.

The pollution levels of most cities in India have crossed danger limits. Major cause of this being Industrialisation.

Though Industrialisation is a necessity for development, people are either ignorant or do not want to spend on effective ways of pollution control and treatment of solid and liquid waste of industries. Domestic waste also contributes to the pollution and effect the natural environment.

The need of the hour is to bring awareness and strict implementation of Government norms for proper discharge of the waste.

Janshakti Foundation Charitable Public Trust has identified a few agencies that have extended their helping hand to tackle this issue. There are technologies which are cheaper and eco-friendly (Green Technology) which not only avoid the use of harmful chemicals but also avoids machinery for the treatment of waste. This leads to saving of electricity.

These technologies are prevalent but needs proper exposure and changes in government regulations for its effective implementation.

Environment protection is a must to safe guard our future generations.

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