Education for all

Education for all

India is a developing country. However, illiteracy is the main issue. Due to large percentage of illiterate people, especially children the other related issues like poverty, lake of awareness, hygiene etc., also grows.

We at Janshakti Foundation Charitable Public Trust have taken up this issue seriously. Our team is constantly trying for spreading awareness about getting at least basic education for all.

We have targeted to influence the children and other elders of the rural areas for the need to get the basic education which will help them in their overall development and make them self-reliant for their livelihood. These students will be given educational tablets with all preloaded contents required for gathering basic education and increase general knowledge. These tablets will be given free of cost to those who qualify as per the terms and conditions of the trust.

We also try to help the needy students of the regular study curriculum all over India by way of their fees or Scholarships.

These areas of work is divided State wise and District wise with the help of volunteers of Chairman’s State wing as also the identified and appointed the willing teachers and educators.

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