Alternative Energy Resources

Alternative Energy Resources

World is fast utilising our existing finite energy resources and it is a persistent threat to our future generations. Useful and cost effective alternatives are required for using alternative energy as a main source after existing energy resources comes to a halt.

Wind energy and solar energy are the main natural sources of energy. While wind energy can be implemented in certain areas only, solar energy can be tapped in most parts of India which blessed with this natural resource. Proper planning and implementation of solar energy projects even at small scale domestic level will make India energy efficient.

There is encouragement from the government by way of subsidy but the rural and interior areas which require power are left unattended. This is because people cannot afford even the initial cost of installation. Subsidy is given only after project completion.

Janshakti Foundation Charitable Public Trust wants to handle this area of work. The solar power plants will be provided at a cheaper rate as also the amount required apart from subsidy amount will be borne by the Trust.

We appeal you all to join hands in this mission.

Help turn tears to smile !!!