To all the well wishers and also to those who have already joined hands together for the betterment of this small World after understanding the objectives of this NGO. Janshakti Foundation Charitable Public Trust has come in to existence after a prolonged thinking of like-minded people.

As we all know, World is so small and the life of all is very short. The Creator of this whole life system has given us a beautiful ambience to live with and maintain the ecosystem for our future generations. We, as Human are presented with well developed brains which, I believe can be efficiently used to know about our evolution, acquiring further knowledge and above all think about ways to live a peaceful, happy and prosperous life. The burden of protecting this World is a responsibility of all Humans.

I have a feeling that every human in this world wants to live such a life. However, I strongly feel that a large percentage of us are directionless and wondering how to achieve this goal.

Janshakti Foundation Charitable Public Trust has plans and projects to touch each and every aspect generally experienced in life around us.

Right to Education, Child rights, Women empowerment, Poverty, Health, Employment, Environment protection, Old Age homes, Orphanage etc., are the projects/ areas to name a few intended and are handled by us.

My sincere and humble request to all that this is the time to join hands together and let Janshakti (People’s strength) be used for a better cause.

Projects carried out by Janshakti Foundation Charitable Public Trust

Janshakti Foundation Charitable Public Trust works on more than 13 projects in all segments

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